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Proofreading is a final review of your work for stray errors -- a polishing to perfection!

Your work will be checked for errors in:

          - punctuation

          - spelling

          - capitalization

          - formatting

          - consistency

Numerical errors, repetitiveness, font errors, and errors of omission will also be corrected.

             .01 cent/word*


In addition to all of the above, editing includes:

          - correcting incorrect word usage (such as "can" for "may")

          - correcting nonsensical phraseology

          - checking specific cross-references (for example: "As Table 14-6 shows...")

          - checking for proper sequencing (such as alphabetical order) in lists and other displayed material

              .02 cents/word*

*Technical materials or expedited turnarounds may incur a somewhat higher fee.

Correction Methods

Editing logistics and methods can be determined according to your preferences and the type of job -- whether an essay, website, book, article, or blog post.

Your work can be edited directly or merely annotated with suggestions.  Most work can be done in Google Docs, Microsoft Word, or in PDF format. 

Please contact me to work out the details.


In the interest of efficiency, please provide the following regarding any work you are interested in submitting for services:

          - Type of job

          - Format you are submitting work in

          - Correction method you would prefer (annotations only/direct editing/suggestions only, etc.)

          - Format in which you would like job returned to you

          - Total number of words (In lieu of Word or Google Docs word counters, here is one for your                                                     convenience: )

          - Due date/time


Invoices are emailed within approximately two business days and are due within 30 days.  Overdue payments will accrue a $5.00 late fee per two-week reminder.

Payment may be made quite easily directly from the invoice via credit card or secure bank payment.  There are no convenience fees. All major credit cards are accepted.


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