"I'm sure you know (and have been told) that you're good at what you do, but I just wanted to give some thorough feedback because I appreciate your work and it really helped me out."

"Thank you! I am on a break and just scrolled through on my phone. I am very, very pleased with everything you caught and the attention to detail. Thanks again, Erica!"

"I love that you noted the inconsistencies. A lot of people would overlook that, and you caught several of those...those are the things that I am impressed by because it takes thorough attention to detail to catch them."

"You did a fabulous job catching things once again!"

"I enjoyed reading through your corrections...I need a refresher! You did a great job proofing."

"I enjoy working with you.  I’m going to keep your name and pass it along to others who are always looking for good people to add to their team."

"You made me feel comfortable allowing my 'baby' to go out without my taking the time to go through each and every page and word myself, as I didn't have time to do so."


"I absolutely never would have tried someone I didn't know. I'm glad it worked out so well!"

"Great work! You picked up things very quickly."

"It worked out really well and was a positive experience and alleviated so much stress."

"(That job) was hard to punctuate and make readable. So I appreciate your attention to many little details!"

"Great catches - good job, thank you!"

"I was very pleased with ALL of the things you noted in your proofread of the job."

"You totally came through for me and alleviated a ton of stress."

"So happy I found Skookum Proofreading!"

"I am very appreciative of the little details you caught!"

"I hope we can work together again soon!"

"You rock!"


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